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DOCG Casauria: Abruzzo is preparing to obtain a new DOCG.

DOCG Casauria

Yes, enthusiasm is contagious in Terre di Casauria. The desire to do, to promote, to grow is palpable. And all this is driven by one feeling: love for one’s land and the knowledge that one can succeed.

Among the most important new developments in 2022 is the recognition of the Casauria DOCG, the highest step in the quality pyramid of Italian wine, which thus brings the number of controlled and guaranteed designations of origin in Abruzzo to three, joining Colline Teramane Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Tullum.

The companies within the Tocco da Casauria territory will be able to benefit and boast of the DOCG label as has happened in many other territories including: Alanno, Bussi sul Tirino, Bolognano, Brittoli, Castiglione a Casauria, Corvara, Cugnoli, Lettomanoppello, Manoppello, Pescosansonesco, Pietranico, Popoli, Scafa, San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore, Serramonacesca, Torre de’ Passeri and Turrivalignani, all belonging to the province of Pescara.

It is in the Tocco da Casauria area that Cantina Terzini is located, where the magic of Terzini wines comes to life. Tocco da Casauria is a small municipality at 356 m above sea level with less than 3,000 inhabitants. Viticulture plays a fundamental role in the economy of this land, and the wines produced here are renowned for their quality.

When will the new name arrive

The process that will sanction the passage from PDO to DOCG territory will be concluded at the very beginning of 2022 and will sanction an indissoluble thread to a broader discourse that will give renewed lustre to a land that thrives on excellent wine quality at an international level.

Numerous awards have been bestowed on Cantina Terzini, and earning the DOCG label could be one more piece to add to the continuous and unstoppable work aimed at enhancing the reputation of Abruzzo’s wine culture throughout the world.

How the process developed

A goal, this of the DOCG denomination, strongly desired by the Consorzio Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo, which worked for a long time on the new specifications and then provided them to the region. The latter, after issuing a conformity opinion, forwarded them to the Ministry of Agriculture a few months ago.

A work that has been carried out during the year 2021 between the months of April and July. “We revised the specification on the basis of the requests for clarification that were highlighted to us during the preliminary investigation phase,” he explains to Virtù Quotidiane Tito Cieri, official of the Agriculture Department of the Abruzzo Region and member of the technical secretariat of councillor Emanuele Imprudente – . We made an overall summary and forwarded everything to the ministry for approval, which should take place early next year.

As defined before, the most important news in the new specification is the presence of the DOCG Casauria (or also Terre di Casauria). This addition brings the number of controlled and guaranteed designations of origin in Abruzzo to three.

“In addition to this important recognition,” Cieri continues, “the other changes concern the yields, the organoleptic and chemical qualities of the wine, and the exclusion of vineyards cultivated in the valley bottoms, i.e., in shaded areas that are not suited to viticulture. We were travelling with an outdated specification, so this is an epoch-making step that puts us in step with the times, with an ever-increasing focus on high quality’. This is what Cieri told virtuquotidiane newspaper.

What is a DOCG

DOCG recognition is the most important recognition for wine quality. It provides for a more restrictive viticultural and oenological discipline than that of the DOC of origin. Recognition is reserved for wines that have already been recognised as DOC for at least five years and that are deemed to be of particular value, due to their intrinsic qualitative characteristics and the commercial reputation they have acquired.

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